Monday, June 20, 2011

Hanging With Style

Have you gotten tired of your "wall art" looking the same throughout your home? You don't want each wall to look monotonous and lack interest. Here are some ideas that may help you add variety to your walls!

A backpack basket with brown and white plates mirrored on either side.

An old gate propped on a table or it could be hung......
My husband thought the weight of it might pull the sheet rock off!!! Not risking that!!!

Antique ceiling tiles paired with a simple square basket.

An old pine mirror surrounded by white ironstone.
A platter on top and matching plates on the sides.

A shelf found at an antique store adorned with old leather books, a small plate, and family photos. A hand colored lithograph is propped on top.

Two old doors with distressed mirrors flanking dining room windows.

A large round basket hung above a server.

A twig garden trellis holds prints over a sofa for a unique look.

Or it can just be hung alone...

1 comment:

  1. Ya'll are so creative! Love the gate, especially!!!